The Treatment of the Country project relies on the work Flags and implies public intervention using language. While working on and reading The Flags, a new spatial and material fact arose as a new set of questions. The laid down flags in the Treatment of the Country project activate the issue of the selected sites and themes, their visibility or invisibility. The intervention is conceived as a silent film that aims to articulate certain suspicions. The painful narratives filled with trauma are explored through the individual destinies of the historical text by Miroslav Krleža, his novel The Flags, and subsequently through the projec The Treatment of the Country that examines the fate of space and truth, enormous and immense, here and now. The work examines the boundaries of oblivion and the suspiciously and constantly changing possibilities of healing and conflict. The project is based on asking questions. / WHAT IS HISTORY / WHAT IS COMMUNITY / IS COMMUNITY POSSIBLE / WHAT IS A NICE WORD

/ NICE WORD - SUSPICIOUS WORD? / POLITICAL CORRECTNES OF A NICE WORD / WHAT IS HERITAGE / HERITAGE TOMOROW A specially designed neutral font for the project leaves the option of entering new connotations, trying not to provoke the existing space narratives but to create a mere reading capability. The issues on which the font is based are SURFACE SPACE / ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS OF THE FONT / WHAT DO THE GAPS MEAN / WHAT IS THE CHARACTER OF THE GAPS - IS IT DISTANCE OR PAUSE / DOES THE MOVEMENT LEAVE THE IMPRESSION OF PRECISE DIRECTING / TEXT OBJECT - TEXT DISCUSSION / QUESTION WITHOUT THE QUESTION MARK Interventions with Pharmakon are to be made in the area of Vukovar, Dubrovnik, Kornati, and Rijeka. The topics are: war damage, privatization, individual tragedy, and the question of identity (belonging to certain groups).


The videostill from promo video Dvorac Eltz Emya 2016 was borrowed and adapted for the purpose of this project