Island of Mlečić, subsequently called the Island of Love emerged after two tunnels were dug in the area of Baćina Lakes, that have in this way been permanently connected with the sea for over a hundred years. The island was given a new name not long ago since, during the night, it is transformed into a place for intimate encounters of local couples. Its former role of the mysterious place as a shelter radically changed with the new, current times, in which the body of a man participates in the market exchange of goods. Today, the island is like a decorative template that is photographed daily from a nearby main road.

The inaccessible, snake infested island in this work is surrounded with the so-called psychological line, reserved for the designation of safe marine foreface, in which freedom of enjoyment is guaranteed. With this intervention, the island is cut up and prepared to be transferred. The work bears witness to the devastation of the new times, in which intimacy occurs as market category, with confusing and unstable borders.

2016 - 2019