The interview with Croatian sculptor Slavomir Drinković was recorded on May 27 2016 and is the base of the work that has emerged as a search for the answers to the question about the artist’s own history from the present and the perception of itself then and now, and all other participants of one life story. On the pre-prepared, apparently banal questions, Drinković fits in its own discretion, two months befor his retrospective exhibition Jesonska, where he will show a selection of his works created from 1974 to the present. As an answer to all questions, Drinković turns to parents and ancestors. It is on this track, and within the reflection of the 1980s and the 1990s, that the

younger artist finds a reflection in the “ripped” granite in an attempt to find his own way out, a takeoff from own past that preoccupies the artist. Crowded, dense scars in the solidmaterial will be interpreted as a series of global events and conflicts, meritorious for the formation of an entire younger generation of doves that newer flew up, resulting from the fact that the past is the eternal present in which and with which they must live. Talk, from the video originated, was recorded on the first planned shooting location, in Bilogora.
The remaining planned seats are also part of the work (Cemetery Mirogoj, Zagreb, in front of the Franjo Tudjman family headstone and in front of the Monument at the site of mass grave at Ovcara (author Slavomir Drinkovic).