The woven Flags represent previously read and transcribed work The Flags by Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža and all the information that the author himself wove into his novel, speaking about the faith of his characters, but also of himself, thus leaving a memory mark. In this way, the work leads to an arrangement of all private and historical facts, or a new document, in which trough the manuscript of another author a new one is written, so new Flags emerge, witnessing new times in which the only known thing are the old times.
Known for great differences within the first editions of The Flags, Krleža accumulated grammatical and spelling, as well as syntax and style interventions, adding, omitting, and altering paragraphs and sentences, which was interpreted in this piece throughout the traditional technique of weaving. Weaving was also chosen because it includes the necessary category of time, which a newly created object turns into a piece of evidence and an artist into a witness, whose track will eventually fade away.

2016 -