The work presented, Chalk, deals with the complexity of the existing relations between the water and the individual, who uses it and drinks it every day, at the same time not being aware of its real structure. Bearing this in mind, the work points out a possible political role of water, which is thereby transformed into an instrument of action – the chalk. This gives water a possibility to „print“ itself, by means of its own forces, the truth that is hidden in its essence. Combining an interest in public discussion, political tool, and the ability to manipulate the interest in speech and language, Chalk is created as a new tool that is also a reflection of its own truth.
The remaining solid substance of 212 liters of tap water from the artist’s flat in Zagreb, is formed into a writing tool. Chalk also creates the possibility of dialogue and revealing unseen or unknown. The work follows its chemical analysis made at the Department od Plant Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb.