In her work, Ana Mušćet most frequently delves into the field of language, where she activates her works filled with political connotations through critical discourse, releasing hidden stories and projections of possible reactions. What happened and why are often the questions that impose themselves through the artist's portfolio, while the most frequent elements/protagonists are exchanged – leader, cross, law, commander, victim, justice – and participate in the creation of new meanings. The same goes for the exhibition The Flags. Ana Mušćet is a Master of Sculpture, from the class of Prof. Drinković (2016) and a Master of the Croatian and Russian studies (2010). She obtained her M.A. from the Academy of Fine Arts, receiving the greatest praise, summa cum laude degree; she was the finalist of the Essl Art Award in 2015 and received three scholarships for excellence, as well as the scholarships of the Dutch Women Education Fund. She also received two Dean's Awards for excellence in her work and is one of the authors of the project Advent Calendar for City of Zagreb. In 2015 she was awarded the Freedom Award at the 7th Passion for Freedom festival in London, receiving the award from the jury led by American artist Gery Hill for her work “A Change of Air”. The exhibition under the same title won the Rector's Award for individual artwork and the Croatian National Radio Television produced a television show Trikultura based on her work.
She was awarded Grand Prix for her work The Flags in 2016 on the 25th biennale in Slavonia, and in 2017 she received the Audience Award at the same exhibition. She was chosen for Dies Academicus in 2015, receiving recognition for special achievement of international importance. Her works are housed in the collections of contemporary art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek and the Art Gallery in Split. In 2019 she recived Special recognition from Adris Foundation, in field of Creativity.

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